Amazon smartphone by mid 2013

By Kalyan

While there have been rumours since July that Amazon is developing its own smartphone, a recent report by Taiwanese news says that Amazon is working closely with Chinese Mobile Company Foxconn for developing its smartphone. This smartphone would supplement the Amazon's existing Tablet Kindle Fire. The smartphone is also expected to have Google's Android OS custom modified by Amazon, similar to the one in Kindle Fire.

Amazon has been acquiring Patent's relating to wireless technologies to complement it smartphone and making its entry into the patent wars. Its entry into patent wars was marked by acquiring Matt Gordon, formerly director of acquisitions at Intellectual Ventures Management LLC.

It is also rumoured that Amazon is developing its own mapping service. This makes sense as none of the Kindle Fire tablets have GPS.The company is targeting to sell more of its media products through the smartphone market. While it is possible to read Kindle books and listen to Amazon Music on iOS or Android you can't stream Amazon videos, an Amazon smartphone will do the same.

The advent of an Amazon smartphone will certainly complement its Tablets and boost its media sales. Expect it by mid of 2013 along with next generation of Kindle fire tablets. Prices are expected to be in same range as Kindle fire. 100$-200$

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